Sir Hubert Wilkins' Expeditions - 1932-1939 Antarctic / Artic

After his Arctic submarine expedition, which many people considered a failure because he did not reach the North Pole, Wilkins organised three expeditions to the Antarctic to assist American millionaire explorer, Lincoln Ellsworth become the first person to fly across the Antarctic continent. When Russian aviators went missing while flying from Russia to America via the North Pole, Wilkins was called in to head the search.
Sir Hubert Wilkins' Expeditions - Wilkins Catalina Flying Boat searched for missing Russians in the North Pole
Wilkins Catalina Flying Boat during his search for missing Russian aviators in 1937.
(Copyright: Ohio State University)
In 1938 he returned to Antarctic with Lincoln Ellsworth, again assisting in the discovery of new land. At the outbreak of World War Two Wilkins immediately offered his services to the Australian Government, but it had no need for a polar explorer, now aged over 50.

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