Sir Hubert Wilkins' Expeditions - 1928-1929 Antarctic

With the same Vega they had flown over the top of the world Wilkins and Eielson now travelled south to explore Antarctica. They arrived at Deception Island on the Graham Land Peninsula in November 1928. Their flights exploring the Graham Land Peninsula were the first time anyone had flown a plane in Antarctica. Wilkins had planned, if possible, to fly to the South Pole, but on Deception Island he was unable to find a runway long enough to get the Vega into the air with sufficient fuel to complete the distance. Nevertheless it was the first time in history undiscovered land was mapped from a plane.
Sir Hubert Wilkins' Expeditions - Wilkins was the first person to fly a plane in Antarctica
Wilkins was the first person to fly a plane in Antarctica. Unable to find runways
long enough he was beaten in the race to be the first to fly to the South Pole.
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