Sir Hubert Wilkins' Expeditions - 1921-1922 With Shackleton

Sir Hubert Wilkins' Expeditions - Wilkins was appointed Naturalist on the Shackleton Rowett Expedition
After the Air Race Wilkins returned to England determined to continue polar exploration. He joined Dr John Cope on the Imperial Antarctic Expedition. It was Wilkins first trip to the Antarctic, but the expedition lacked funds and achieved little. Next Wilkins was appointed Naturalist on what was to become Sir Ernest Shackleton's last expedition to the Antarctic. This expedition left London on the Quest, a ship that had been hastily prepared and continually gave trouble. As it was being repaired in South America, Wilkins went on ahead to South Georgia Island to photograph the flora and fauna. When the Quest arrived six weeks later Wilkins learned that Sir Ernest Shackleton had died on the voyage.
Wilkins was appointed Naturalist on the Shackleton Rowett Expedition.
After the departure of the official photographer he also filmed and
photographed the expedition.(Copyright: Ohio State University)

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