Sir Hubert Wilkins Expedition - 1913-1916 Artic

Sir Hubert Wilkins Expedition - Wilkins in the Artic aboard the expedition ship Karluk Wilkins with his camera aboard the expedition ship Karluk. In the Arctic he developed his revolutionary ideas for polar travel.
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After moving to London in 1909 Wilkins worked as a Gaumont cinematographer covering many international events including the Balkans War in 1912. But he still wanted to become a polar explorer. He was offered his first trip to the Arctic as cinematographer with the Canadian Arctic Expedition of 1913 led by Vilhjamur Stefansson. He walked thousands of miles over unexplored territory, learnt to live off the polar ice and developed his revolutionary ideas for polar travel. In 1916 he returned to Point Barrow, Alaska, to learn the world had been at war for two years.

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